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T & C Pharmaceutical Company Limited (T & C) is a licenced wholesale dealer under the Hong Kong Department of Health. We can import and export different kinds of pharmaceutical products, including oncology drugs, specialty drugs, rare disease drugs, which are not commonly available in the market, unregistered medicines, special medicines for designated patients (a doctor’s written permission certificate is required), and medical supplies.


T & C was established in 2014. Its main business is to search for large and small pharmaceutical companies and different types of drugs for customers around the world. We will only cooperate with licensed institutions to import drugs in Government approved way. We can also be stored and wholesale drugs.

The licenses we hold:

  • Permit to deal in substances and preparations to which《The Antibiotics Ordiance》(Chp. 137 Applies) (Serial Number of Permit: 33/1A/2018)

  • Pharmancy and Poison Ordiance (Chp. 138) 《Wholesale Dealer Licence》(Licence No.: 33/2A/2018)

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